Republican, Michelle Garcia Holmes Announces Candidacy. For United States Congress, CD1

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2019

Albuquerque, NM – New Mexico native Michelle Garcia Holmes announced her candidacy for United States Congress, Congressional District 1 today. She has thirty years of experience as a commissioned law enforcement officer and has served as chief of staff for former Attorney General, Gary King. Throughout her career she has proven herself as a strong advocate for children, families, law enforcement, and civil rights.

Garcia Holmes said, “From a very early age I choose to go into public service. Those of us that have lived here a long time have seen the good times and tough times, times where you struggled to get a job, feed your family, pay the bills. I’ve lived paycheck to paycheck and I’m not afraid of a hard day’s work. I will work to make life easier for all New Mexicans.”

Garcia Holmes is a wife, mother and grandmother. She spent her career as a detective, investigating violent crimes – specifically those committed against women and children. As chief of staff for the Attorney General’s Office, Michelle Garcia Holmes oversaw projects providing outreach and education to rural and tribal communities. She worked across cultural backgrounds to educate New Mexicans on the dangers of methamphetamine and prescription drugs.

She also worked on collaborative efforts to fight government corruption, starting New Mexico’s first Government Accountability Division. She knows how to bring people together to achieve positive goals, shown through her work to pass New Mexico’s first anti-human trafficking law and tougher child pornography laws. This level of experience, both as a protector of the public and as an administrator and manager is ideal for cutting through the massive red tape plaguing Washington DC.

Garcia Holmes said, “Most run for office because they want power, or to push a party agenda. I believe it’s important to serve the people of New Mexico and I’ve proven that repeatedly over my thirty-year career of protecting our citizens. New Mexico is currently being kept down by ideological boundaries – the types of ideas which will ultimately cost

us our God-given rights, our culture, our unique identity, and most importantly our freedom. Our present leadership holding this office, Congresswoman Deb Haaland, supports a hardline party agenda which serves only the needs of politicians. New Mexico families, veterans, seniors and business owners expect their congress-person to listen to their needs and provide answers. I will listen, bring people together and get us moving in the right direction.”

“I am emboldened by what I see in our state every day because of what’s happening at a national level,” Garcia Holmes said. “A large portion of my district is Hispanic and our Hispanic community is flourishing right now, just like everyone else around the country. Hispanic median income has crossed over the $50,000/year mark for the first time in history” she pointed out, “and Hispanic unemployment is at an all-time record low of 4.2%. This is great news because it means new jobs are being created. The state’s economy has already grown by nearly 5% – the fastest economic growth rate in the entire country.

Finally, we are at the top of one of the best lists there is!”
“My great grandfather was a rancher in northern New Mexico, my grandmother was a teacher in Santa Rosa, and my father was a Marine Corps veteran who fought in World War II. They instilled in me the values I will take to Washington, I was taught to work hard, listen to what people have to say, and do your very best to make a difference in people’s lives.” Garcia Holmes said.

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