Albuquerque Journal Editorial – Trump is doing NM delegation’s job, and better

Monday, December 16th, 2019 at 12:05am
Congressional Democrats are singularly obsessed with impeaching President Trump, forcing the president to step in and address the needs of the people being overlooked by their own representatives.

Instead of politicians who ignore their constituents while pursuing baseless impeachment charges, such as Rep. Deb Haaland, the people of New Mexico need representatives in Washington who actually care about improving the lives of the citizens they were elected to represent.

As someone who has spent her whole career in law enforcement, I can tell you that I’ve never seen charges as ridiculous as the ones Democrats have cooked up against President Trump. All of the “evidence” presented by Rep. Adam Schiff and his impeachment-crazed allies would be inadmissible in a court of law. They built their entire case on hearsay – something no real prosecutor is allowed to do – and then tried to sell it to the American people as legitimate.

Congressional Democrats spent months assuring the American people that they had a compelling case, only to produce two flimsy articles of impeachment that aren’t even based on actual crimes. They thought they could make up for what their case lacked in substance with biased show trials and one-sided political theater, but failed to sway the public. In fact, their strategy backfired spectacularly, driving voters in crucial swing states to turn sharply against the impeachment effort.

Instead of going down the road to impeachment with Pelosi, Haaland and her far-left radical colleagues could have spared themselves a great deal of trouble by simply putting the interests of their constituents first. It’s time to get to work and put the people above politics.

Violent crime is holding New Mexico hostage, devastating families and destroying economic development. Albuquerque, which lies within Haaland’s district, recorded more homicides this year than ever before. We need support from our federal partners to tackle this crime surge – in the form of both additional resources and enhanced border security – but the far-left progressives hate President Trump so much that they’ve refused to work with him, even on common-sense efforts to achieve bipartisan goals, such as keeping the American people safe. Fortunately, the Trump administration has taken steps to help state and local law enforcement agencies fight crime, even without the cooperation of Congresswoman Haaland.

Just last month, Attorney General William Barr came to Albuquerque to announce the arrest of more than 300 fugitives suspected of violent crimes. Those arrests came thanks to a new Department of Justice initiative, Operation Triple Beam, which gives state and local law enforcement access to more federal resources.

Operation Triple Beam is a perfect example of the sort of programs that New Mexico’s representatives should be championing on our behalf, yet it only came about because President Trump paid attention to the needs of forgotten Americans who have long been ignored by our out-of-touch politicians.

The same can be said about border security. While Democrats have resolutely obstructed every effort to address the illegal immigration crisis, the president has begun building the border wall and closing loopholes in our immigration law using his executive authority, and negotiating effective deals with Mexico and Central American countries.

In just under three years in office, President Trump has proven himself a more effective representative of New Mexico’s citizens than some of our own elected officials. The far-left liberal Democrats’ desperate efforts to remove him from office are a slap in the face to the very people who sent them to Congress in the first place.

Michelle Garcia Holmes is the retired chief of staff for the New Mexico Attorney General’s Office. She served as the liaison to the Joint Terrorism Task Force and N.M.’s congressional delegation. She also served 20 years with the Albuquerque Police Department.

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