Albuquerque Journal Editorial – Trump will prove pundits wrong, win NM

Saturday, October 12th, 2019 at 12:02am
President Trump isn’t playing defense; he’s proudly presenting his impressive record of accomplishments to the people and fighting to grow the MAGA movement.

In Rio Rancho, thousands of New Mexicans stood patiently in line for the latest Trump rally, proudly wearing their MAGA hats and Trump T-shirts to show how much they appreciate everything they’ve gained since President Trump has been in office.

The arena was packed with Hispanic American supporters of all ages, contradicting one of the media’s favorite narratives. This was no surprise, though, because Hispanic Americans are flourishing in President Trump’s America just like everyone else.

Hispanic median income, for instance, has crossed over $50,000 for the first time, helping to bring the Hispanic poverty rate closer to the national poverty rate than ever before. Hispanic unemployment, meanwhile, is at a record low of 4.2%, and Hispanic entrepreneurs are expanding and hiring new workers at a prodigious rate, aided by a 27% average revenue boost from the president’s tax cuts.

President Trump’s solid support among Hispanic voters was on clear display at the Rio Rancho rally. Several recent polls confirm Trump’s approval rating among Hispanic Americans is hovering at or near 50%, a figure that will keep growing as the economy continues to improve.

Hispanic Americans also understand the necessity of securing the border and protecting our communities from unfettered illegal immigration. As President Trump noted at the rally, Hispanic Americans support strong borders because we know the dangers of illegal immigration “better than anybody.” The roar of support that statement elicited was deafening.

Hispanic Americans have to live with the consequences of a porous border that is exploited by drug smugglers, human traffickers and other criminals who then proceed to terrorize our neighborhoods – especially in places where liberals have enacted their disastrous sanctuary policies. Liberals can speak abstractly about illegal immigration from the comfort of their gated communities, but we deal with the reality of it every single day.

Ending the crisis on the southern border has been President Trump’s top priority from the very beginning of his administration, which is yet another reason why Hispanic Americans in New Mexico support him so passionately.

Hispanics have put New Mexico back in play for 2020, and the president used his Rio Rancho rally to emphasize his commitment to earning our support for his reelection campaign. He certainly has a compelling case to make, given the impressive performance of New Mexico’s economy under his leadership.

In the first quarter of this year, New Mexico’s economy grew by a whopping 4.6%, the third-fastest rate in the country. Since January 2017, new business applications have increased by nearly 30%, more than any other state in the country. Over that same time span, more than 34,000 jobs have been created in New Mexico, driving the state unemployment rate down from 6.4% to just 4.9%.

The Democratic presidential candidates, however, not only want to reverse the pro-growth policies that sparked our economic recovery, they also want to destroy one of New Mexico’s most lucrative industries.

Thanks to … fracking, New Mexico’s energy sector is growing at breakneck pace, generating $17 billion in revenue in 2017. By 2030, industry analysts expect oil and gas production to top $70 billion, which will line government coffers with tax revenues, fund infrastructure projects, and provide well-paying jobs for local residents. Let us not forget that fracking provided the revenue that funded raises for our public school teachers this past year, as well.

Whereas President Trump has done everything in his power to facilitate domestic energy production, the Democrats are touting fracking bans that would kill New Mexico’s burgeoning energy boom in its cradle.

The president’s Rio Rancho rally was just the opening salvo as he prepares to take his message of prosperity to Hispanic Americans. With his appealing record, Donald Trump has no need to be defensive.


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